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Latest Bathroom Fittings

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  • Shower Curtain Poles/Rods
    Shower Curtain Rods

    Campfire & Corp. is a leading OEM manufacturer of shower curtain poles in Taiwan for many years. There are straight types of shower curtain rods manufactured, but also curved shower curtain rods su...

  • Shower Curtain Rings
    Shower Curtain Rings

    Shower Curtain Ring is one of bathroom equipments manufactured & supplied by Campfire & Corp. in the middle of Taiwan. We have brushed nickel, chromed and oil brown shower rings. Welcome to contact...

  • Toilet Tank Levers
    Toilet Tank Levers

    Campfire & Corp. is a leading manufacturer of toilet flush lever in the middle of Taiwan. We have various toilet tank levers supplied and made from chrome material. If you are interested in our bat...

  • Free Standing Toilet Roll Holders
    Free Stand Set

    Campfire & Corp. is a manufacturer of bathroom fitting including free standing toilet roll holders ( Toilet Brush + Toilet Roll Stand ). OEM orders are acceptable. Welcome to contact us online.

  • Bathroom Towel Shelf With Bar
    Towel Shelf

    Campfire & Corp. is an OEM manufacturer of bathroom towel shelves with bar in Taiwan for many years. We not only supply brass & chrome type of towel shelf with bar, but also wall mounted type and w...

  • Bathroom Hanging Shower Caddies
    Shower Caddies